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The Variant effect

Performance marketing is just one part of what we do. We’ve built and distributed sophisticated software on mobile and desktop platforms at scale. And our talented in-housemarketing team reaches and engages with targeted audiences through real-time analytics and optimization algorithms.

More than 15 million unique users engage with our content every year

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Ways we can work together


Media buying

We buy digital ads across high-volume media channels to increase brand awareness and acquire customers on behalf of our portfolio of products and are always on the lookout for new traffic sources to test and optimize.


Digital asset acquisition

We acquire websites and add them to our existing portfolio of digital assets. Our process is simple: email us a prospectus, and a member of our team will contact you to review the details.


Affiliate partnerships

With no upfront costs or monthly fees, our affiliate programs are designed to help publishers maximize earnings while maintaining ease. And you get paid every time you refer a sale to one of our products.

Why Variant

Higher ROI

We don’t just “buy ads.” Our advertising zeros in on conversion goals, and our ROI is consistently higher because we leverage and optimize marketing components like creative, ad technology, and landing pages.

Next-level reporting

Our unique reporting platform goes beyond the basics of Google Analytics. We use a customizable dashboard that provides real-time data points, including Monthly Recurring
Revenue (MRR), Lifetime Value (LTV) and Churn.

Integrated media channels

We understand the importance of leveraging all possible digital media channels. It’s why we integrate a consistent brand message across SEM, email, affiliate, social, influencer, and more.

Optimization tech

We've developed a sophisticated, easy-to-use AB testing platform, allowing us to optimize for key performance metrics such as CAC, retention, and LTV across numerous acquisition channels.

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